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Learning and communicating are crucial to all change processes from reorganizing business units and implementing new strategies to applying lean principles and rolling out entire manufacturing and business systems. Every major change and even some minor changes require managers and employees to learn something new and often unlearn old routines. Everyone is compelled to abandon familiar practices and adopt new skills.

With the Quadriga Academy, we have pooled our many years of change management experience to put together a range of services designed to benefit your business. With the insight gained in so many real-world consulting projects, we are able to discern your new requirements at a very early turn and quickly initiate targeted development measures aimed to make change work for you. In other words, you get consulting, implementation and development services from a single source, tailored to your company’s unique challenges.

The Quadriga Academy offers the full repertoire of methods ranging from classic seminars, training and workshops on a wide range of topics to content development for your e-learning platform. We can provide comprehensive multimedia learning and communications programs that may include video, audio and interactive learning media, mobile web applications, and so forth. Our aim is to engage, motivate and galvanize participants with persuasive measures.

The Quadriga Academy also focuses on a very important aspect of change management, communication.
Some believe that an impersonal email is all it takes to inform the workforce about upcoming changes. They are mistaken.

When a change project is in the pipeline, its importance has to be conveyed clearly to managers and employees, especially if it involves major changes. And it is equally important to engage everyone to win their support and willingness to contribute to a concerted effort.

We call the tool used to this end a communication board.

It is a didactic and methodological instructional aid/working tool prepared with the precepts of activity learning in mind. These boards enable your team to acquire knowledge and insight on their own, without assistance from an instructor, coach, consultant or other teacher or leader.

In our many years experience working with communication boards, we have found them to be very beneficial.

  • Convey subject matter and messages very effectively
  • Cost far less than conventional classroom training
  • Speed things up significantly when it comes time to put change into action

We’ll be delighted to meet with you to discuss which of the many options are best for your change process, taking factors such as costs and benefits into account.